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Q: Should we be using ACH50 and percentage reduction guidance in estimating what the final blower door number target should be? 

A: No. See “When should I stop air sealing?”

Q: Should I use the “No need to ventilate” rate in the ASHRAE calculator as a guide for when to stop air sealing?

A: No. See “When should I stop air sealing?”

Q: When should I stop air sealing?

Q: Where should the pressure and thermal boundary be located for a mobile home after weatherization?

Q: How do I choose whether the floor or the foundation walls will serve as the pressure and thermal boundary?

Q: Should basements always be separated from the crawlspace by air sealing?

Q: Do we need to bring attic venting up to code as part of every site-built weatherization job?

Q: Where can I find the Michigan Energy Audit Guide?