Q: How do I register for MiTEC training classes?

     A: If you already have an account in the Learning Management System (LMS), click here.

     A: If you do not have an account in the LMS, you will need to complete the pre-registration survey to have one created   for you.

Q: Where do I find a list of available MiTEC training opportunities?

     A: Online Video Training webinars that were created as a response to the inability to facilitate in-person training due       to the COVID crisis can only be found on the LMS. The calendar for all other events can be viewed on the                    Training Schedule tab of the MiTEC website.

Q: Are there any job aids for helping to access and navigate the LMS?

     A: Yes!

  • MiTEC LMS Job Aid – Instructions for logging in, changing password, navigating the system, browsing and signing up for classes, and adding external training.

  • MiTEC Student Handbook Job Aid – Instructions for launching, viewing, marking complete, and acknowledging    receipt of this document within the LMS (required before attending any MiTEC classes).

  • MiTEC Online Video Training Job Aid – Instructions for searching, launching, viewing, and marking complete online videos in the LMS.

Q: If I have questions about MiTEC training, need assistance with registering for classes or resetting my password for the    LMS, who should I contact?

     A:  Contact MiTEC directly at

Q: How do I challenge BPI HEP certification exams?

     A:  You can contact MiTEC directly to set up an appointment to challenge the BPI HEP certification test by emailing      them at:

Once the request for testing has been received, your contact information will be passed on to one of MiTEC’s                      proctors. They will then contact you to set up a time and location to facilitate the request for testing.

Q: How do I know what testing I will need for HEP re-certification?

     A:  See the Updated Home Energy Professional Quality Control Inspector and Energy Auditor Certifications:   What You Need to Know (pages 7 – 10) document. This is located on the MiTEC website on the Resource Library tab           under the Work Documents section.

Q: What Happens if I fail the BPI HEP certification exam?

     A:  You will have six attempts to take and pass the online exam and six attempts to take and pass the field exam in a      one-year period. The year starts at your first attempt, followed by five additional attempts. If you have tested six times,        you must wait until a year has passed since your first initial attempt.

Q: How much does it cost to challenge BPI HEP certification exams through MiTEC?

     A:  There is no cost for individuals working within the Michigan Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Individuals outside of Michigan’s WAP will be charged accordingly. This will be established at time of contact.

Q: Need to know how to renew HEP Energy Auditor and/or Quality Control Inspector certifications, or how to earn a new one? 

     A:  Check out these flow charts.

Q: I am not affiliated with the MI WAP or an agency. How much is it going to cost to take classes with MiTEC? 

     A:  Check out the pricing structure here.

Q: Who should I contact regarding Requests for Proposals (RFP)? 

     A:  MiTEC greatly appreciates the opportunity to review your Request for Proposal (RFP) and possibly assist with your training needs. Please contact us at

Q: Where can I find the Michigan Energy Audit Guide? 

     A:  Check out the Resource Library Page under Program Documents