Course Offerings, Certifications, and Testing

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training (previously called “Tier 1 Training”): Comprehensive, occupation targeted training which follows a curriculum aligned with the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for that occupation. Comprehensive Training must be administered by, or in cooperation with, a training program accredited by a DOE-approved accreditation organization for the specific JTA being taught.

Examples of Comprehensive Training include:

  • Retrofit Installer/Technician

  • Crew Leader

  • Energy Auditor and Quality Control Inspector (QCI) courses delivered by Interstate Renewable Energy Center (IREC)-accredited training providers, accredited for the JTA matching the job category


Specific Training

Specific Training (previously called “Tier 2 Training”): Short-term training to address acute deficiencies in the field, single-issue training, conferences, and program management or leadership training is considered Specific Training since they do not encompass an entire JTA.

Examples of Specific Training include:

  • On-the-job dense-pack insulation training

  • State or agency training on new field guides or program guidance

  • Software training for administrative personnel

  • Management or leadership training seminar

  • Weatherization conference sessions

Specific training may be provided by accredited or non-accredited training providers.

Specific Training should be provided on an as-needed basis, as determined by monitoring reports, self-surveys, or other methods.